We are delighted to have attracted leading international and Polish experts to speak at our conference


Michel Walhof

Michel is the Managing Director and owner of Aqua+ Sprinklersystemen, a Dutch company with 185 employees specialised in the design, installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems and related fire protection systems. Michel is a former board member of the Dutch sprinkler installers association, VSI and since 2007 is the chairman of the European Fire Sprinkler Network.

Russell P. Fleming

Russ is the Managing Director of the International Fire Sprinkler Association. He has over 30 years of service on the NFPA 13 Sprinkler Committee, is a former member of the NFPA board of Directors, and past chairman of the NFPA Standards Council. Russ is a Fellow and past president of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. He has written hundreds of articles and chapters in NFPA and SFPE Handbooks.

Alan Brinson

Alan is the Executive Director of the European Fire Sprinkler Network. On graduating from Cambridge University he joined Shell as a research process engineer, moving to Proctor & Gamble before joining Tyco. In 2003 Alan left Tyco and set up the EFSN. He is a member of fire safety standards and regulatory committees for BSI, CEN and NFPA and is a chartered chemical engineer.

Tom Multer

Tom is Vice President, Product Technology for The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company and a former sprinkler contractor. He serves on the NFPA 15 and NFPA 318 (Semiconductor Fabrication) comittees and is an alternate on NFPA 13 and NFPA 13R. A graduate in Construction Science from the University of Nebraska and a former officer in the US Army, Tom holds numerous sprinkler patents.

Joachim Gabrán

Joachim is the Director of Marketing & Business Development at Marioff Corporation in Finland. He joined Marioff in 2007 and has had various roles during the past nine years. Before joining Marioff Joachim worked for almost 12 years in the field of industrial hydraulics and motion control, including water hydraulics.

Dariusz Wróblewski

Dariusz Wróblewski the director of CNBOP-PIB. He is a fire service officer and graduate of the Main Fire Service School with a Ph.D. from the National Defense Academy of Warsaw. He has held managerial positions at the Public Safety Education Centre at the Main Fire Service School. From 2009 to 2014 he served as the CNBOP-PIB director and from May to December 2014 he was the advisor to the Chief of the State Fire Service. In January 2015 he was appointed for a second term as the director of CNBOP-PIB. He is an author of numerous books and articles in the area of safety and the editor-in-chief of a scientific journal “Safety & Fire Technique”

Paweł Leitner
Coordinator – Risk Engineer PZU-LAB

Paweł Leitner is an Energy & Aviation Engineer specialized in chemical industrial installations. He has experience in designing and supervising hydropower plants construction projects and of research projects in the Technical Military University. Pawel is also a graduate of the Economics University of Warsaw, specializing in risk management. Since 1999 he has been working for insurance companies and is today the Coordinator of Risk Engineering & Industrial Cooperation at PZU-Lab.

Tomasz Kiełbasa

Tomasz is the Certification Department Manager at CNBOP-PIB in Józefów, Poland. As a firefighter he graduated from the Fire Service College in Krakow and from the Main Fire Service School in Warsaw. Since 2004 Tomasz has been responsible for the certification of fire protection system products and services, including fixed firefighting systems and their components. He is a lecturer at CNBOP-PIB on fixed firefighting systems and an author of publications on fire extinguishing technologies.

Marta Gołaszewska

Marta Gołaszewska is a Specialist in Certification Department at Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection – National Research Institute (CNBOP-PIB) in Józefów, Poland. In 2012, after graduating Fire Protection Engineering at Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw, she joined CNBOP-PIB. Marta is engaged in conformity assessment and auditing manufacturing sites in field of fixed firefighting systems.

Lou Gritzo

Lou is vice president and manager of research at FM Global and oversees activities at the FM Global Research Campus. Prior to joining FM Global he was manager of science and technology at Sandia National Laboratories. Dr Gritzo serves on the Governing Board of the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) and advisory committees for the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) and the Industrial Research Institute (IRI), as well as on several university advisory boards.

Bruce LaRue

Bruce is President of the Fire Sprinkler Division of Potter Electric Signal Company. He is the Chairman of the International Fire Sprinkler Association and of the Suppliers and Manufacturers Council of the National Fire Sprinkler Association. Prior to joining Potter Electric he owned Applied Energy Management and LaRue Electric Company.

Piotr Tofilo

Piotr is a lecturer and researcher at the Main Fire Brigade School in Warsaw, Poland. On graduation from the University of Ulster he joined Ramboll Safe in London as a senior fire engineer working on UK and international projects. Piotr is the president of the Polish SFPE Chapter and of the SFPE European Chapters Coordination Group. He is the founder of the FirePlatform project.

Marcin Siemko

On graduation with a Master of Science degree from The Main Fire Service School, he started work at the Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection. In 2005 he joined Tyco Fire and Integrated Solutions where he was responsible for fixed gaseous extinguishing systems (FGES). In the period between 2008 and 2011 he focused on creating a technical department within Wagner Poland where he continued his work with FGES. Since 2011 he has been working at VdS Inspection Services in Poland. Currently, he holds the position of Deputy Head of VdS Poland.

Tomasz Afeltowicz-Schultz

Resident in Berlin since 1988. On graduation with a Master of Science degree from Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin – University of Applied Sciences he joined VdS Schadenverhütung in Berlin as a fire protection expert. He is the Head of VdS Poland. His main responsibilities are close cooperation with insurance companies, investors, general contractors, and companies in the fire protection business in Poland, development of VdS Inspection Services in Poland, the implementation of VdS guidelines, training and the certification of fire protection companies.

Leszek Puhaczewski

Leszek is the Head of the Automotive Competence Center at Minimax Fire Solutions International. He has a degree from the Technical University of Gdansk and has worked in the fire protection industry in Germany since the 1980s, firstly with Tyco as a project manager for sprinkler systems. He joined Minimax in 1999 and managed international water-based fire protection projects, mainly for the protection of paint shops, before assuming his current role in 2008.